We wish everyone an enjoyable summer holiday.  Autumn term starts Thursday 3rd September 2015!


Welcome to Stowford School

I have great pleasure in sharing with you the many qualities that contribute to Stowford School. This website and our prospectus however are only an indicator of all that we achieve, and I hope you will be able to visit us to find out more and experience the vibrant and happy ethos of our school.

At Stowford School we seek to enable every child to develop into a happy, enthusiastic and responsible member of the community. We provide a stable, secure and disciplined environment where academic, personal and social potential can be achieved by every child and a love of learning can be harnessed.

We provide a rich and balanced curriculum from Foundation Stage to Year 6, with an emphasis on providing high quality P.E., Music and the Arts. In this website you will find information about events, projects, and visits along with statutory material. We provide a good variety of extra-curricular activities which are very well attended. Parents and Governors work in partnership with us to ensure we provide a high quality educational experience for everyone.

Thank you for your interest in our school. I look forward to welcoming you in the near future.

Helen Tipping.  













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Goodbye and Good Luck to all our Year 6 leavers - you have all been amazing!

(Please see below for a list of award winners for 2015).


School News

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  Stowford School Awards 2015

Headteacher's Award:    Emily C.

Stowford Award:            Adam L.

Spirit of Devon:              Ella J.

Spirit of Stowford         Katy M.

Award:                            Sam S.               

Stowford Special           Shannon P.

Effort Award:                Jacob R.

Girls' Achievement         Jasmine C.

Award:                            Kate U.

Boys' Achievement         Sebastian F.

Award:                            Ethan W.

Art Award:                     Lauren M.

                                       Ollie W.

Music Award:                  Connor G.

                                       Alisha-Rose S.

Drama Award:                 Evie C.

                                       Ben E.

Helping Hands Award:     Lucy B.

                                       Katy R.

Play leaders' Award:       Kian C.

                                       Willow L.

Sporting Achievement    Paige J.

Award:                           Adam S.

Sportsmanship Award:   Holly W.

                                      Tyler W.