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Stowford School

Stowford School

Year 3

Welcome to Year 3: Swallows Class with Mrs Armley-Jones and Swifts Class with Mr Green

Year 3 Curriculum Information: support at home during the current epidemic

Below is some information and links that will help you and your child at home while they are unable to come to school.

ENGLISH : we have been looking at writing a range of fiction genres as well as non-fiction genres. You could encourage the children to write stories or topic pages based on any of the topics that we have covered so far. The Literacy shed is a fantastic website full of videos and images to support children's writing

We have covered lots of areas so if your child does do any writing then please look at the following for them: spelling of common homophones, suffixes and prefixes (re, dis, mis, un, ly, ing, ed,nes and full), extending vocabulary and using root words. Punctuation: capital letters, full stops, commas, question marks, exclamation marks and inverted commas (speech marks). We have also worked on: openers (time and place), conjunctions, subordinate clauses with commas, paragraphing and of course handwriting. 

We will be really pleased to see any work the children are producing over this period of time.

Due to the plan to close schools this week, we have had to abandon our latest Big Write. The children had been working towards writing a persuasive letter to argue against the issue of deforestation. Many of the children felt quite passionate about this as we explored some of the reasons for and against deforestation and might still like to try to write their letter at home.

MATHS : we have started to look at fractions and as this is a large part of the Year 3 curriculum it would be well worth getting to grips with it. We use White Rose at Stowford and much of what they produce is really easy to follow.


You could also look at past learning and make sure your child fully understands it by retesting them and using some of the resources to help shape your questions.

Have a look at the "Additional Downloads" as these would be good to develop and stretch children's understanding of the maths they have covered as these are reasoning and problem solving questions


White Rose have now released home learning lessons. These follow our current plans and come with videos to guide you through the learning as well as work slides and answers.

As well as that, work on times tables, time and shape would also help.

Now could be a good opportunity for some children to develop the skill of touch-typing to help during written and computing tasks. Have a look at these links to start having a go!

More information to follow, so please check this page for any updates!

Please see below for attached ideas for physical activities to do at home.