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Stowford School

Stowford School

Wild Tribe

This year we are all so excited about adding Wild Tribe to the curriculum!

Up until October half term, in Key Stage 2, years 4 and 6 are doing Wild Tribe each week whilst years 3 and 5 have French.  This will swap over after half term.

In Key Stage 1 we have Wild Tribe each week all year!

We are already enjoying lighting fires and toasting marshmallows.  But we have so much more to come. In each year group our Wild Tribe activities will be linked to our topics. 

We'll be adding photos of our Wild Tribe adventures soon.


Wild Tribe sessions 2020
  Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 3 Wild Tribe French French Wild Tribe
Year 4 Wild Tribe French Wild Tribe French
Year 5 Wild Tribe French French Wild Tribe
Year 6 French Wild Tribe French Wild Tribe
w/b  06.01.20 13/01/20 20.01.20 27.01.20 03.02.20 10.02.20
Year 1 Siskins Linnets Siskins Linnets Siskins Inset
Year 2 Sparrows Finches Sparrows Finches Sparrows Finches
Year 3 Swifts Swallows Swifts Swallows Swifts Swallows