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UPDATES from Mr Green for children who are at home during the coronavirus epidemic.

Hi all, hope you are ok. Here are a few things to keep you busy over this difficult time!

PE - here's the link to "Go Noodle" which is the website Miss Kee uses for PE. The whole family can join in!

READING - Audible have just announced that they are letting you listen to books for free during this period. Have a look at and try a new book!

MATHS - We have just started to look at fractions and this is a big part of maths in year 3. Please have a look at the link below to "White Rose". It shows you the scheme that we use to cover the curriculum and there are easy lessons to look at and work through. Start at the end of Spring term.

You could also look at the "Additional Downloads" - these are from the Autumn and Spring term and will go over content that we have already taught but what's good is because they are reasoning and problem solving, they will challenge the children to recall facts and skills that they have been taught.

I also found this, which is quite good for understanding maths problems using the bar model which is something that we use in the classroom.

I've been doing some analysis of your past tests and have found the following things useful for you to work on whilst you are at home. These are general notes from across the class.


Fractions : the white rose resources should help but focus on the following; shading basic fractions of shapes (1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 1/5 and 1/10), ordering fractions on a number line, finding fractions of amounts.

Geometry : right angles, acute angles and obtuse angles, symmetry and features of basic 2d shapes

Measure : weighing and reading scales

Number : column addition, column subtraction, 2d x 1d using the partitioning method

This website has a lot of good things to support with the above


PLURALS - in particular words where you change a y to an i like; strawberries, babies, cherries. Other uncommon plurals too like; potatoes and tomatoes. Have a look at for some games and activities.

SUFFIXES - You could also have a reminder of common suffixes that we have looked at like adding; ing, ed, er, tion, ly have a look at

SENTENCE WORK - a reminder of things like; capital letters at the start of a sentence and for names, full stops and the four word classes (nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs) would also be useful to revisit. Have a go at creating sentences showing that you can use and identify these correctly eg At the start of the lesson, Sally and Jamie were swinging dangerously on the old, wooden chairs.

APOSTROPHES - this is something that we haven't covered in detail yet in class but looking at; apostrophes for contraction (omission) eg don't, she'll, would've etc. Apostrophes for singular and plural possession eg The boy's ball or The boys' ball. Have a look at

READING - this is harder to give to specific skills for, but keep reading and parents if you could ask lots of questions about the text. As I've always said "Read less; talk more". You could have a go at the sections  "Word Meaning" and "sentence Structure" on this website

TOPIC - As this half term has been the shortest one, you could continue with your understanding of the Amazing Amazon in a number of ways. You could create a booklet about the animals of the rainforest, make a powerpoint about the Amazon river itself. You could research the Yananomi Tribe and find out more about these fascinating people. We have started to look at the effects of deforestation and why it is happening.    This could be the basis of a letter or poster showing a balanced argument. Get creative with some art work based around the jungle and the wonderful colours and shapes that you might see there!

JUST FOR FUN - two of my favourite games! "BLOKORZ" and "Rush Hour"

If you fancy making a bit of MUSIC, have a go at this - it's awesome!


More to come so keep checking out this page and I hope to see you all again soon!

Mr Green