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Stowford School

Stowford School


Welcome to Year 3 with Mrs Chester and Mrs Loughran

Spring Term

Welcome to Swallows Class! We have a very exciting half-term ahead of us.

This is what we will be learning about, in each subject, this term:

In English, we will be reading Operation Gadgetman. We will look at summarising and exploring. We will consider how authors use fact and opinion. We will learn how to empathise with a character and how a writer creates mood. We will learn how writers use organise information. 

In our writing we will be looking at Instructional Writing and a First Person Narrative. 

In Maths, we will be exploring fractions and mass. 

In Science, we will be looking at Forces and Magnets. We will compare how things move on different surfaces, notice that some forces need contact between 2 objects, but magnetic forces can act at a distance , observe how magnets attract or repel each other and attract some materials and not others, compare and group together a variety of everyday materials on the basis of whether they are attracted to a magnet, and identify some magnetic materials, describe magnets as having 2 poles , predict whether 2 magnets will attract or repel each other and depending on which poles are facing. The the latter part of the term will be learning about. 

In our Geography lessons, we will be looking at settlements and agriculture and we will look at how these two impact on people living in early civilisations. Children will use new and existing geographical skills in order to investigate the important of these two topics.

In History lessons we will study Persia and Greece.

In Religious Education lessons we will learn about the Hebrew Bible - Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

PSHE is also an integral part of our working week and we have a dedicated weekly lesson where we explore the personal, social and emotional aspects of the lives of young people living in our modern world.

Design Technology we are looking at Mechanisms -  levers and pulleys

French is taught every wednesday afternoon covering a wide range of French grammar and vocabulary. 

Throughout the year, one PE session will be taught by Mrs Kee. Our PE days will be Wednesday and Friday, please send your child to school in PE kit. 

We are looking forward to a busy and exciting year. As ever, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask anyone in our Year 3 team.

Mrs Chester and Mrs Loughran