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Week 12: Monday 13th July 2020

Good morning Puffins!  I hope you’re all well. 

It’s our last week of using the Government’s Oak Academy website for fantastic teacher-led online lessons, with super videos to take you through each lesson.  We're going to use Week 4 of the plan this week, as we hadn't covered it previously and it has some important English and maths work.  The worksheets to accompany each day's videos are all on Class Dojo in our Class Story.  The lesson structure starts with a recap quiz to remind you of previous learning and then leads into a guided lesson with video guidance and progressive challenges.

At the end of each lesson there is a final quiz, which allows you to see the amazing progress you have made.  I will upload PDF files of the worksheets to accompany the English and maths lesson.  You can print these out and complete them as you watch the video, or use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader tools to write/draw your answers. 

You may find it helpful to listen to the videos with headphones, to avoid distractions and help you to concentrate.  You can also send me any or your projects or end-of-lesson quiz results.  If you need to contact me, it’s best to use the message function, rather than commenting underneath a piece of work – I’m more likely to see it that way.

Head to to see the schedule for the day (make sure you’ve chosen the correct day at the top of the week)

Here’s the Oak Academy Summer Term Plan

Click this link for the summer half term plan:

If you prefer to use BBC Bitesize or other resources, that’s fine of course, and you can send me your work if you would like to.  This week’s White Rose maths resources is also available at but please remember that this should be instead of the Oak Academy maths lesson – you don’t need to do both!

Lastly, everyone’s situation at home is slightly different and you may not be able to do all of the work available every day.  Don’t worry!  We are likely to be away from school until September though, so if you can aim to do some maths and some English and maybe one other thing each day, that would be great.  There are plenty of fantastic lessons, with some brilliant teachers, available on the Oak Academy website though, so if you want to try everything, please feel free. 

Whatever you are reading, remember you can always login and quiz on Accelerated Reader at

As this is a new platform for home learning, there may be a few teething issues. If you have any worries or concerns get in contact and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 

I hope you enjoy it!

Mr Farnham

The most important things to do EVERY DAY are:

1. Keep active!  There are LOTS of online keep-fit sessions available if you want a short indoor daily workout.  Some outdoor exercise is best though, so with your parents you could get out for a bike ride or a jog too, especially while this dry weather holds (but remember to follow Government guidelines!).

Here are some links that may be useful too: 

Please also see below for attached ideas for physical activities to do at home.

2. READ!  As much as you can and as widely as you can – preferably to an adult if possible.  Poetry, fiction, non-fiction – as much variety as you can find, and don’t worry if you think it’s a bit easy.  It’s more important to practise and enjoy it.  If you haven’t got many at home, you can try some free ebooks like these: or

Try some audiobooks too – there are free stories at , (free books available during Coronavirus lockdown), among others.

There are also lots of free activities at

3. Practise your key maths skills!  Our daily ‘Fluent in Five’ exercises are attached below for you to try, and it’s easy to draw yourself a multiplication grid to practise your tables (you can use a countdown timer to see how many you can get correct in, e.g 3 minutes.  Don’t worry if you’ve done them before – lots of repetition is the best way to make sure the learning sticks in your brain! You could also try a Problem of the Day (see attachment below).

There are also some great maths puzzles here:

For you scientists, there are some super experiments to try at home, such as: