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Welcome to Puffins' Page

Hello and welcome back. I hope that you had a great Easter break and are raring to go, looking forward to the final Summer Term.


Reading is at the heart of everything that we do, and we hope to develop children's stamina, fluency and prosody for reading and encourage children to be able to read for longer periods of time. We would hope that children can read, without distractions, for at least 15 minutes by now. We will always be reading a book in the classroom and there will be ample opportunity for children to read independently. If you could make sure that children read out loud as often as possible and focus on their prosody (the stress and intonation when reading) as well as asking questions about what they have read.

English and Spelling will link to some of the themes seen in our reading lessons, and we aim to deliver a mix of clear and precise teaching opportunities whilst inspiring children to develop their love of writing. Writing tends to follow a 2 weekly cycle, where new genres are introduced and explored. Children will have the chance to look at model texts and practise aspects of the genre before writing a final piece. In the Summer term, we will start by looking at "Stories from other cultures" which links closely to the class book "Varjak Paw". Following on from this, writing genres such as; first person diary, critical analysis of poetry, news reports and explanations will also be covered.


We will continue to use "White Rose" as our learning scheme. Much of the resources for this can be found online if you want to follow what we are doing and support your child at home. I've added the White Rose Maths expand their offering with Tempo Time Credits! - Tempo  Time Credits yearly overview to the bottom of this page. There are daily videos on White Rose which are excellent to use if you want to make sure that your child is fully confident with the days content. Now that we are in the Spring term we will be focussing on; formal methods for multiplication and division, length and perimeter, fractions and decimals . There is a statutory Times Tables test in June, so please keep working on the speed and recall of the times-tables facts. The expectation is that by the end of year 4, they should be confident and fluent. I can recommend; Hit the button or as a resource which are both excellent waysBarnburgh Primary School - Timestables to help your child develop their fluency. 

The Curriculum

Through the History curriculum, we will be looking at the Ancient \greeks as well as Alexander the Great through an investigative approach. Children will learn to develop their historical enquiry skills and explore the impact of certain moments in time on the rest of the world.

In our Geography lessons, we will be looking at climates and biomes as well as volcanoes and we will look at how these two impact on people living in these places or close to. Children will use new and existing geographical skills in order to investigate the important of these two topics.

Through Science, children will be examining sound and how it is created and changed. They will also be exploring further, living things and their habitats.

The rest of the curriculum at Stowford is a well crafted mix of:  Art, Music, MFL, RE, DT, PE and Computing. With any curriculum, we try and make links and connections wherever possible. A class book is at the heart of the topic, and we actively promote and encourage "joined up thinking", where ideas from one area of the curriculum can support and inspire other areas. 

PHSE is also an integral part of our working week and we have a dedicated weekly lesson where we explore the personal, social and emotional aspects of the lives of young people living in our modern world.

We will continue to have Ms Kee for one of our PE sessions. These lessons will happen on a Thursday afternoon and the children will need to come to school in PE kits. Our other PE lesson will take the form of a swimming lesson on a Thursday afternoon.

Wild Tribe will continue this year, but instead of a weekly session, year 4 children will have a Wild Tribe day once every term. More details about this will be sent out nearer the time.

We encourage clear and open communication with parents regarding any aspect of the time that your child is with us. So if you do have any questions, then please feel free to ask; however, we would prefer it if you spoke to us at the end of the day rather than the beginning and if you need a longer appointment, then we will accommodate you when we can. Alternatively, you can contact us via Class Dojo messages.