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Year 5 Owls – Spring 2018

May The Force Be With You

This half term, Year 5 will be using the film ‘Star Wars’ as a resource as they learn about different characters and how they interact; interesting and enticing settings; the battle between good and evil and making the right choices. 


Cross Curricular Learning

Owls will be able to explore our topic across the curriculum.  Miss Kee will work with the children to create a ‘Star Wars’ themed dance – which the children will undoubtedly enjoy!

During our Art sessions, the children will explore the work of Ralph McQuarrie, who created all the concept art for the Star Wars movies.  We will study the artist and then recreate images in the style of Ralph McQuarrie.

In Geography, the children will be continuing their learning of using maps and reading coordinates.  The children will also be studying the landscapes of the different planets featured in the Star Wars movies.

Within Science, the children will be learning about different forces.  From gravity and air resistance to water resistance.

As part of their STEM learning, the children will be designing and creating a parachute or landing device to allow an egg to land safely!  Their challenge is to choose the correct materials to save the eggnaught !

During Music, the children will be continuing to learn to play the guitar!  We have 30 acoustic guitars for the children to be taught their weekly music lesson on.  Maybe a future Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix is among us!