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Year 6  – Spring 2020

Jedi Masters

Cross Curricular Learning

Welcome to Year 6

After the incredible topic of WWII and The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Year 6 are entering a new galaxy far, far away…

During our Art sessions, the children will explore the work of Ralph McQuarrie, who created the concept art for the Star Wars movies.  We will recreate some of his work, as well as applying some of our own artistic talents.  We will also be creating 3D models using junk modelling.

Within Science, the children will be learning about light.  They will be conducting several investigations as well as creating their own shadow puppet theatre presentation.

During Music, the children will be learning to play the guitar!  We have 31 acoustic guitars for the children to be taught their weekly music lesson on.  Maybe a future Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix is among us!

During English, the children will be applying their knowledge of our topic by writing about the similarities and differences of characters, as well as taking part in a whole class debate.