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Year 6  – Autumn 2019


Cross Curricular Learning

Welcome to Year 6!

This term, Year 6's learning will be built upon World War Two.  The children will investigate the main events and discuss several themes, including: friendship, resilience, determination and togetherness.

During our Art sessions, the children will explore the work of Roy Lichtenstein, who was a significant part of the pop art movement.   We will recreate some of his work, as well as applying some of our own artistic talents.

In Geography and History, the children will be looking at the different countries involved in WWII within Europe and the rest of the world.

Within Science, the children will be learning about evolution, adaptation and inheritance.  We will be kick-starting our learning with the visit of the evolution dome on September 25th.

During Music, the children will be learning to play the guitar!  We have 30 acoustic guitars for the children to be taught their weekly music lesson on.  Maybe a future Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix is among us!