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Year 6  – Spring 2019

World War II

Cross Curricular Learning

Welcome back to Year 6!

This term, Year 6 will be learning about World War II.  From the Blitz and evacuees to rationing and life in the 40s, the children in Hawks and Eagles will have the opportunity to deepen their historical knowledge through literature and visual media.

During our Art sessions, the children will explore the work of Roy Lichtenstein, who was responsible for famous WWII Pop Art.   We will recreate some of his work, as well as applying some of our own artistic talents.

In Geography, the children will be using and creating maps to understand the role of Britain and Europe during the Second World War.

Within Science, the children will be learning about light and how we see.  They will be making their own periscopes based upon what they have learnt about how light travels.

During Music, the children will be learning to play the guitar!  We have 31 acoustic guitars for the children to be taught their weekly music lesson on.  Maybe a future Eric Clapton or Jimi Hendrix is among us!