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Stowford School

Stowford School

Fledglings and Chicks

We explore and learn through play

Teachers – Mrs S Lamerton (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) and Mrs H Ocean (Friday)

Summer Term

This term we are following the theme of ‘Bugs’. We will be going on Minibeast hunts around the school grounds. Learning where different bugs live, and what  type of habitats they like. We will be extending our knowledge of counting, grouping bugs; seeing how many legs, wings they have. The children will be putting bugs into size order, and learning size related vocabulary.

We will be focusing on using different tools, and materials of choice to create bug collages and use cutting skills to support creative development. Observational drawing, mark marking and using large scale mediums to help encourage secure grasp of drawing apparatus.  

In PE we will be learning new insect Yoga move, and encouraging core strength by complementing obstacle courses. Also lots of Minibeast songs and rhymes will be learnt, and musical instrument’s used to tap out syllables and rhythm’s.

In addition to all this fun! We will have 'Very Hungry Little Caterpillar's' joining us at Nursery. We will  watch grow and learn about the process of them turning into butterflies!