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Stowford School

Stowford School

Y5 Bikeability

All children in Year 5 at Stowford School, have enjoyed a very active week out and about on their bikes in Ivybridge and developing their road safety awareness. 

Experienced Instructors representing the National Scheme of ‘Bikeability’ put the children through their paces and ‘pedals’ by teaching them a range of safety skills.   The purpose of the ‘Bikeability’ Scheme is to provide the necessary skills to ensure that the children ride safely on the road and is also a necessary and important life skill. 

The children in both Year 5 classes firstly spent time with the instructors in the school playground, where they learned about bike safety checks and how to do them.  Molly of Kestrels Class said, “we are doing ‘Bikeability’ so that we stay safe on the road and so that we know how to stay safe on the road.  I learned how to do the ABC check up which is when you check your bike to see if it is ready to go”.  Abi then continued by explaining that “if you have time when you are checking your bike then you should do something called the M check.  This is when you start at the front end of your bike and end at the back wheel”.  Marley, another Year 5 pupil elaborated that “when you are at the front you hold the wheel between your knees and turn the handlebars cannot turn.  Because if the handlebar turns without your knees turning then you need to tighten your handlebars”.  

After some time spend on the playground the children were very keen to put into practice the skills they had learned.  Emily was particularly excited to be cycling outside of the playground, “I’m really looking forward to learning how we stop on the road and wait because its very different to being in a car”.