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Stowford School

Stowford School

Taking Learning to Another Dimension!...

Year 6 children at Stowford School recently enjoyed an exciting learning experience which gave a whole new dimension to their science work!

The children have been learning about microbes and the Evolution of Life, involving the creation of Earth from the Big Bang to the Evolution of humans.  

The pupils enjoyed a 360 degree view of the whole process from inside the dome which really engaged everyone in an immersive  and inspirational way.  The pupils took part in a lively question and answer session after their experience in the dome.  Some thoughtful questions included “would dinosaurs still be on Earth if the asteroid hadn’t hit Earth?” and “What did we evolve from?”  Charlotte, a Year 6 pupil from Hawks class said afterwards, “It was really fun and educational.  I really liked the beginning when there was a big explosion!”

The photo shows Year 6 children Ruby, Casper, Rose and James enjoying the dome at Stowford School.