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Stowford School

Stowford School

Junior Ten Tors Team

Stowford School are proud to announce a successful first expedition in the Junior Ten Tors.

On Friday 15th June and Saturday 16th June the JTT Team of 8 children from Year 6 led by Mr Green (Year 3 class teacher)  and accompanied by Mrs Sue Williams (Headteacher) completed the first ever Junior Ten Tors event undertaken by Stowford School. 

On Friday the weather was ideal and the children successfully trekked and mapped their way via the Tors to the overnight camp.  Rain started at 3am and Saturday morning was very damp and foggy on the moors and so the team's map and compass skills really came to the fore!  The team made good time and arrived at the finish of Leeden Tor by 12 noon. 

After walking a total of 16 miles over 2 days and camping overnight the children were very tired but had a great sense of achievement.   All described it as one of the best experiences ever!

Thank you to the Nudd family for the welcome home banner and providing medals for each member of the team.  Mrs Williams and Mr Green are very proud of the team and looking forward to next year!